Courtney Glenn

Courtney GlennCourtney Glenn is one of the founding members of the Weird Sisters. She was introduced to Shakespeare in high school under the direction of her then teacher, Susan Todd, who later approached her with the crazy idea of an all women’s theater collective. She has been in five of the six productions by the Weird Sisters, often portraying a man such as Malvolio in Twelfth Night and Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor. Currently, she is playing the Governor of Algiers in the Weird Sisters’ production of Sycorax.

Though she prefers to perform in an all-female cast and under collaborative direction, Courtney has also participated in other theatrical endeavors; notably, she played Camillo, Paulina, Florizel and Clown in a four person production of The Winter’s Tale at the Sherwood Forest Faire in the spring.

Courtney is currently a senior at Texas State, pursuing a double major in English and History. She has been accepted to graduate school and will continue to attend Texas State to receive her M.A. in medieval literature.


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