Twelfth Night (Or What you Will) by William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night (Or What you Will)Performed by the Weird Sisters Women’s Theater Collective
August 31 & Sept 1, 2007 at the Austin Playhouse

When we began this production, many of us had the same thought: Twelfth Night…again? Since many of us had prior experience with the play, either as actors or scholars, we decided we wanted to make this production stand out.

Twelfth Night is often portrayed as a dark play. This is suggested even by the imprisoned Malvolio: “I am not mad, Sir Topas: I say to you, this house is dark” (Act IV, Scene 1). Still, it is categorized as a comedy. As few of us had ever seen the play performed as a comedy, with order being restored at the end of the play, we decided that we would make the play whimsical and fun.

The Players

  • Orsino: Suzanne Julian
  • Sebastian: Lauren Schultz
  • Antonio: Christa French
  • Valentine: Christa French
  • Curio: Margaux Binder
  • Sir Toby Belch: Vicki Yoder
  • Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Noelle Eastes
  • Malvoio: Courtney Brown
  • Fabian: Margaux Binder
  • Feste: Shanna Smith
  • Olivia: Karen Anderson
  • Viola: Hollie Baker
  • Maria: Leslie Guerrero
  • First Officer: Naminata Diabate
  • Second Officer: Susan Todd
  • Sea Captain: Naminata Diabate
  • Priest: Ally Curtis
  • Servant to Olivia: Ally Curtis

The Crew

  • Director: Susan Gayle Todd
  • Assistant Director: Christa French
  • Set Design: Mallory McKenney
  • Costume Design: Mallory McKenney
  • Costume Design: Anna Selina
  • Graphic Design: Ally Curtis
  • Lights: Brooks Louton
  • Sound Design: Jackie Puretz, Kendle Wade