A Weird Sister’s original work written by one of our founding members, Christa French, Perspective, or, Cheeseburgers and a Bag of Ashes, has been selected to appear in the Frontera Fest Short Fringe 2017 program at Hyde Park Theater.

Join us Thursday, Jan 26, 2017, to see this funny and poignant short play in good company with other new short pieces.

Maybe she wasn’t the worst mother in Corpus Christi, Texas — but she was up there. So we should definitely talk about all the great things she did to the ladies at church! I love this plan!




Okay fine. She was the best mommy ever! Puppies and chocolate for all!


At least cheeseburgers then.


Short Fringe Showtime

Thursday, Jan 26, 8pm
at Hyde Park Theater

Tickets available here: hydeparktheatre.org


KOOPMonday, June 14th, 2010 at 11am Co-Director and Playwright, Susan Gayle Todd and Composer, Chris Humphrey appeared on Lisa Schneider’s show “What’s a Girl to Do?” on KOOP 91.7FM Schneider’s show centers around music written and performed by women, and focused on the original music of Sycorax, composed and assembled by Humphrey.

Listen to the radio show below:

Music of Sycorax interview with Chris Humphrey and Susan Todd